Almost Finished
Nothing is ever really finished, so I consider all projects as work in progress. That being said, these tracks are as close to a “release” as I can bring myself to consider them.

The nature and themes of music change over time, and naturally these moods and defining features influence my projects and works. This collection of tracks showcases this range and fluidity that drives a lot of my creativity.
Sometimes tracks never take off and stay in a fairly unfinished state, other times I just don't know where to put them.

So don’t expect much consistency from anything in this section, as it is where my more ambitious or experimental ideas will end up.
The Project
These tracks are samples of a secret, longer term project I’m working on; a mix between a score and a concept album.

If I say more, it wouldn't be a secret anymore. And because I don't yet know where it's going, I want to keep it as such :)
Commercial Work
Here are samples of my commercial music and sound-design work. Due to the nature of these tracks, note that they are unavailable for download.

I always like the challenge of working towards a given goal in music. Sometimes restrictions given can even fuel creativity, and lead to resulting tracks of a different nature to what I would normally produce.
All Rights Reserved
All music and sound design on this site was composed and produced by herrbasan AKA David Renelt. Depending on the section, material can be downloaded and used for your Projects.

Usually you are only required to credit me, preferably with a link to this site. Please check the given license in the respective section.

David A. Renelt
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